The Story of GCS


Jeff Webb is the founder of what only recently was named Georgetown Computer Service (GCS).  He is a degreed Computer Engineer and Cyber-Security Expert. He began his part-time "business" at no charge to his clientele, who were limited to widows, single moms and non-profit at-risk youth organizations. Jeff recognized that these folks were often preyed upon by unscrupulous businesses and were, more times than not, saddled with the challenges surrounding a low or fixed incomes. 

He began the "business" without any formality or name in 2005 and it has been that way for  more than 12 years. Soon after starting, he was often referred to by his clientele as "Jeff, The Computer Guy" (if you are on his Christmas Card list, he still signs them with the same name).

Over the years, Jeff's "business" has grown to the point where he is frequently being asked to help well beyond his limited clientele. Jeff realized that he could increase his giving practices by growing his customer base and bless his local community at the same time by charging nominal fees compared to other computer servicing businesses. He expanded his "business" to the communities of Jenison, Hudsonville and Georgetown Township. He came up with the name "Georgetown Computer Service" to memorialize where this little giving enterprise started, in his home in Georgetown Township, MI. Today GCS provides services to all of Western Michigan.

While his clientele increases daily, his commitment to care for his long-time clientele has not. Jeff is a quiet, and most of the time anonymous giver. However, on the business side, he still demands on providing deep discounts (he is still known to do much of his work for free) to widows and single moms and donates ALL of his net proceeds to at-risk youth and other mentoring charities in the Greater Grand Rapids area. He has been known to occasionally use this income to help a local family in need, especially at Christmas time. GCS is not, and never will be, a profit center for Jeff personally or anyone else. Although it is run as a for profit business (a requirement by the IRS due to the nature of his income and giving), it is otherwise managed identically to a nonprofit organization.

So you can hopefully see that your patronage has the added dimension of helping others at the same time as you are receiving the high quality services and deeply discounted pricing (really deep :-)) that has always been the moniker of "Jeff, The Computer Guy."