Schedule An In-Home, Remote Assistance or Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service Appointment

At GCS, we make it easy for you to schedule, cancel or re-schedule an In-Home, Remote Assistance, or Pick-Up/Drop-Off service appointment with us.



ONLINE: To schedule and appointment online, Click HERE .

BUT HERE'S THE CATCH... Using this online capability, you can only schedule more than 24 hours in advance. If you need a same-day appointment, a Sunday or an after hours appointment, just give us a call at 616-888-6171 and we will handle your scheduling immediately on the telephone.

Once you have scheduled an appointment online, it will be confirmed via the email address you gave us, and in the same email, for your security, we will advise you of the engineer who will be visiting you, along with their direct extension--which will find them wherever they are--just in case you need to make last minute adjustments, or if you have any questions prior to or after your appointment.

BY PHONE: To schedule an appointment the old fashioned way :-), Call 616-888-6171, and a REAL PERSON will assist you (Yes, we keep real people around, just in case...  :-)   ).

Use this option ANYTIME, but especially if you wish to make an appointment in less than 24 hours, or after hours. (We do respond 24 hours a day for emergency appointments for an additional fee).

BY EMAIL: If you have questions, or would rather use your email to communicate your scheduling preferences, email or simply Click HERE .

We know...So many choices... But that's a good thing, Right? :-)